Sigma Nu is founded on the notion that life is a journey — and, importantly, that each individual Sigma Nu’s journey is enhanced because older Brothers are there to lead those who follow their steps. Kappa Pi has a long and distinguished history of alumni reaching back and reaching out to ensure that those who follow have access to a comparable fellowship experience ‘throughout life’.

If you are exploring this site, then clearly you care about your Sigma Nu affiliation and your role as a member of Kappa Pi. Please do what you can to perpetuate this ‘good thing’ at Cal Poly State University.

Here is what you can do:

Become a volunteer – Whethis it be as a member of the Alumni Association or the Advisory Board, your support will make a large difference to the success of Kappa Pi. The Alumni Association oversees all facility operations and also coordinates our alumni relations program. The Advisory Board meets with the chapter and advises them in areas of chapter operations. If you are interested in volunteering your time, please send us a message.

Help Kickstart Members’ Careers – Whethis it be speaking at a Career Day, hiring an undergraduate as an intern, or employing an alumnus, your support helps. Please send us a message if you can be of any assistance here.

Support Our Alumni Association Initiatives – So we address all interests, our leaders must represent every era of Kappa Pi initiate. Every person whose name appears on our ‘Leadership Team’ listing is merely an alum who has chosen to make a volunteer contribution. We desperately need to expand the pool of alums who are willing to shoulder the considerable workload for this worthy effort. Remember: ‘all our strength is in our union…’. We need more input, we need more brotherss to take on new responsibilities, and we need more brotherss to provide the financial resources that enable our collective success. If you want to contribute to keeping this noble notion alive, please lend your support in some meaningful way.